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Emtick is the smart way to plan choose and pay for public transit and tolls. Built on a transit block-chain infrastructure that allows the flexibility of peer to peer multi-modal travel service provision for people and goods.

The enterprise travel distributed systems provides convenience and security to users and solves the problems of fraud, cyber threat, cost overruns and full capacity utilization problems for providers. Sign up today to get started.

Calling Transport
Service Providers:
Whatever your mode of tranportation is, unleash the benefits of ditributed systems and smart contracts to solve capacity utilization, fraud and cyber threats challenges with the Emtick Blockchain.
What we do

Transport Revenue Management

Emtick leverages distributed systems and smart contracts for automatic fare collection that enables accurate and timely revenue collection for transport and toll service providers across all modes of transportation on land, air, water or rail.

Performance Reporting

Emtick provides the most detailed reporting and anlytics possible on trips, vehicles, routes, earnings, allocations etc. everyday all day in a simple user friendly format securely accessible on any internet connected device.

Revenue Allocation and Remmitance

Emtick ensures that complete and accurate revenue are collected on every trip and allocated to operators and regulators/government agencies (if applicable) based on defined criteria and remitted to each party at defined frequency.

Big Data Analytics & Services

Our deployment of big data analytics, machine learning and artificial inteliigence to both structured and unsstructured data allows us to provide predicitve, planning and smart city services to governments and private sector entities.
Real-time Reporting
Predictive Analytics
EMTICK's robust performance and predictive analytics capability enables data driven decisions by decison makers. Geo-spatial, demographic and smart city data presented in very user friendly forms is now available to government and private companies.
Block-chain Mobility Systems
Wether you are a passenger, transport operator or government agency responsible for and/or regulating public mass transportation, EMTICK is designed to modernize the whole process of fare payments, collections, allocations and remmitance. Try it out today.