About Emtick

EMTICK is a revenue collection and big data analytics service for public transportation that eliminates cash transactions in transportation fare collections, allocation and remmitance. EMTICK's data mining, structuring and analytcs capabilities provides both realtime reporting and predictive data for effective decision making by operators and regulators of transport systems, city planners and the private sector. EMTICK provides a convinient, secure and cash-free transport fare payment for passengers and collection, allocation and remmitance for operators and regulators.

Passenger access validaton done through our indstry leading contacless solution is completed in a fraction of a second per passngers ensuring thereby eliminating the main root cause of long queues and inefficient operations and resultant poor customer experience in fare collection for public transportation in developing economies. Also, cash based ticket systems creates delay during passenger boarding due to constant need to change currency denominations which is eliminated by our solution as it eliminates cash takings completely.

Calling on all government officials, city planners, transport agencies officials, tranports owners and operators desirous of paradigm shift in the current approach to transport management and overall city planning and management of developing economies: EMTICK is your solution to achieving your own smart city objectives today. Contact us.