Performance Reporting

Harness the power big data analytics for deepest insight and business intelligence in all aspect of mass public transportation. Across alldevices and platforms, access professionallypresented but very easy to understand reports and graphs on earnings, passenger traffics, routes, transport asets, breakdowns, timings, timeliness and such other relevant insigt in real time at all times. This gives complete control through unparalleed tranparency over all aspects of the transport sector to managers, governement agencies and business owners.

The numerous cost savings capabilities of our solution already highlighted results directly in increased profitaility. Big data predicitve analytics and artificial and machine learning capabilities deployed by our solution provides great insight on new revenue generation opportunities for government and operaunities for government and operators of public mass transportation. This is of even of more significance in developing economies looking desperately looking for new sources of revenue.

Operators and managers of public mass transportation will have massive cost savings by implementing this solution through two major outlets: All costs related to cash revenue collection assurance including ticket printing costs, ticket control costs, cash security costs, costs of cash posit to banks, personell deposit to banks, personell costs for revenue assurance employess etc. are completely eliminated. Secondly, Big data analytics feature of this solution provides great insight on costs centers that can be eliminated and controlled.