Transport Revenue Collection

Our Mobile based electronic transport fare collection, big data analysis and value added solutions developed for government agencies responsible for public transportation will digitalize transport revenue collection, provide transport revenue collection, provide previously unavailable realtime reporting, deploy predictive analytics for insight /business intelligence which together encourages new foreign direct investments and facilitates smart city status achievement.

Emtick solves all the problems associated with cash collection of fares by bus, taxi, rail, boat operators in countries with inadequate energy, internet and transport infrastructures required for a seamless and cashless fare collection systems available in the developing world. Put an end to revenue leakages and pilferage with Emtick: Receive bus, taxi, train, boat, plane and box office fares with our cashless, high security and fraud-proof ticket that your passengers/users fund easily using the call credits (airtime/recharge cards) on their phone or debit card and thereby permanently eliminating cash transactions.

To operators and regulators of public transportation looking for an innovative, cashless, secure and convinient ticket solution in an emerging market, EMTICK does it all.